The Bookworm’s Guide to Dating


We suppose it was inevitable. Now, to the surprise of absolutely no one, two Matts have launched Alikewise , a site that matches singles based on their taste in books. Hey, baby, the sun is not the only thing that also rises. Do you know how I can contact Sherlock Holmes? Because I need to solve the mystery of how to win your heart. Good fences make good neighbors — except when that neighbor looks like you. Single white female seeks Brooklyn-dwelling Jonathan for coffee-shop work dates, long walks in Prospect Park, baby-making.

10 Truths About Dating a Bookworm

Skip to content. I am writing because I have a serious problem — I can’t figure out the guys at my university!!! I’m kind of in love with two different guys. Bachelor 1, the god, is absolutely a feast for the eyes.

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I moved to New York after graduating college for a number of reasons, but perhaps the most exciting prospect of all was constant access to people who loved what I loved: books. Of course there are bookworms in every corner of the globe, but I was starry-eyed about finally living in a city known for countless fiction and poetry readings, a thriving publishing world, and a seemingly unlimited supply of attractive, bookish potential suitors. I spotted a tall, blonde, broad-shouldered dreamboat on the Chipotle line.

We both ordered bulging burritos in to-go bags and then, to my surprise and glee, ended up sitting across from each other on the subway home. I attempted to make eye contact, but Dreamboat put on a pair of reading glasses and dipped his head down to read the side of his takeout bag. Looking down at my own, I realized it showcased short prose by George Saunders.

Do men mind if a girl is a bookworm?

Date with good book in library. Happy bookworm. Little girl borrow books from school library. Small child hold library.

Bookworms often get a bad rap. We’ve been stereotyped as studious, bespectacled creatures who are socially awkward, unaware of the world.

Missed dates, post-series sob sessions, and long philosophical talks about fictional characters. If any of these things sound familiar to you, then you might be dating a bookworm — or maybe you’re just addicted to reading yourself. Bookworms are unique individuals who are often oblivious to the surrounding real world and sometimes their own relationships because their minds are far off in a fictional world only found in their favourite stories.

When they do manage to get their noses out of the pages, we hurry to make the most of our time with them before they dive back in yet again, but we love them still! Here are some things you encounter when dating a bookworm. View On One Page. Photo 0 of Previous Next Start Slideshow. Join the conversation. From Our Partners. Want more? Customize Select the topics that interest you:.

Who to date? The looker or the bookworm?

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, your time is running out to snag a date before February 14th. This year, skip the bar scene and online dating sites, and look no further than your local library. Cozied up between the stacks, with her nose buried in a novel, sits your ideal date: the bookworm. Whether it’s Kindle or paperback, non-fiction or fantasy, like books, we bookworms come in all shapes and sizes — and are truly ideal companions.

Need convincing?

I literally just got off a date and the guy seemed to be head of heels over me for no other Actually I have a crush right now on a beautiful bookworm girl BBG.

With the hectic pace of modern life, finding a time — not to mention the attention span — to fully immerse ourselves in fiction and actually read a book can be difficult, to say the least. You can see the future. Reading glasses are hot and make you look smart. They also serve the important function of enabling you to read without straining your eyes. John Waters says so. It stokes the fires of your imagination.

25 Pickup Lines to Use on New Bookworm Dating Site Alikewise

Now you may know by now, that I do like a gin and tonic, or two. Two parts sparkling comedy. One dose of romantic tension.

The Bookworm’s Guide to Dating eBook: Hart, Emma: : Kindle Store. Kindle Edition. £ · The Girl Next Door · Emma Hart. Kindle Edition.

Ah, for those days…. We have completely different perspectives on what the library means. Bookstores are even worse. Multiple books are a vacation must for a bookworm, even when you have a Kindle. While I am trying my best to get back into books for pleasure, my other interests include medicine, playing music, travelling on the cheap, and eating the most unhealthy foods of cultures all around the world.

View all posts by Brian M. Reblogged this on cohortsite. Like Liked by 1 person. Like Like. When I travelled last year, I shared books with friends I made in the flights…one a chinese girl who said that english books are expensive in their country so i gave her one of the books i took with me. It is so lovely to be able to carry well over 1, books in my pocket.

SEASON FEATURE #1: When Dating a Bookworm

What I wanted for my birthday: Books. What I got for my birthday: my brother’s best friend playing matchmaker. Let it be known that I, Kinsley Lane, am one hundred percent against being set up with somebody. And I’m one thousand percent sure that Josh Carter is not the man to find me a boyfriend. I mean, if I’m so great, why isn’t he the one dating me? For the record, I don’t know the answer.

By Geninna Ariton. Dating individuals who cannot live without reading books might pose a slight challenge at first. Bookworms, also known as bibliophiles.

Judging off my own personality, as well as some of my other bookish friends, dating a bookworm is probably not the easiest thing. Books are really sweet gifts, and though we can be a little picky about what we read, we appreciate even the thought and effort if someone buys a book for us. So yeah, pls buy me some books :. Favourite characters who authors kill, characters which are way too cute and way out of our league, or just, couples which are too goddamned cute to exist- we always have something to burst into tears about.

Or, you know, at least pretend. I would love to have someone to drag around with me just so that I can scream to someone other than myself without looking crazy, and so that I can gush to someone about the pretty covers. Just go along with a bookworm to a library and let them rest their head on your shoulder and read the book, and I promise, that would be like, their all time favourite date. So just ignore the sane voice in your head telling you to help the person first, just save the book and we will be eternally grateful.

Tips to woo a bookworm!

In these posts, I will talk about books and whatnot related to the season on hand. Trying to come up with something to talk about is a struggle. I feel like every single Valentine topic has been exhausted already in other blogs. A few couples were dating and snuggling in front of me and I wonder how dating a bookworm is dated.

When I started dating my bookworm girlfriend, I thought we would totally used my literary knowledge to win her over (a well-read woman is an.

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A Date with Darcy

I love that moment when you open one and sink into it. In this world of technology, people have forgotten the impact that books have on our lives. But if your life is all about books and you cannot live without them, congratulations! You are one of the few people lucky enough to be called as a bookworm and these 8 signs are a part of who you are.

When given a choice, you will choose buying a book over clothes any day. As a result, your wardrobe seems empty while your bookshelf is full of books.

Dating someone who loves to read? When you date a bookworm, and she would visit your place in the near future, Pickup Lines for Girls.

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How to date a Geek Girl: Ultimate Tips and Ideas

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So if my ideal girl, an introverted bookworm like me, is sitting at home reading, how exactly do I meet her to date? This is a real puzzler, isn’t it? Please, I could.

As a fellow man, I’m afraid to say you’re not really that mature, especially not capslock worthy. That was one of the most childish and quite honestly dumb things I’ve ever read. Completely agree with YellowSmurf. Looks count, obviously. A guy will choose a better looking girl than an ugly one. But he won’t stay around the better looking if she’s a dumb bitch. Looks matter to get interested in a girl, sure. But I would never stay with a super hot girl who was completely different than me.

It came up in conversation. I wasn’t trying to show off.


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